Arne’s Cowl – Crochet mens cowl

Arne’s Cowl – Crochet mens cowl

Hi friends!


Wondering who’s the smiling man on this blog post wearing this crochet mens cowl? Well my friends, that’s my brother! He came all the way from Norway to visit me here in Germany and I was so happy that I had to crochet him something! I already had this amazing soft yarn lying in my stash just begging to be turned into something warm and cozy! It had to go quick because my brother and my father, who also came with him, wasn’t going to stay so long. Therefore I’ve made a crochet mens cowl for him, and it turned out pretty great so I thought I would share the pattern with you!

I’ve named this cowl “Arnes Cowl” because my brother’s name is Odd Arne. Odd doesn’t mean strange in Norwegian, it’s just a name :D. But since I’ve included many Scandinavian names in my previous patterns, like Solveig, Sverre and Ilvy, I found that Arne was fitting.

Seriously though, I think this cowl turned out amazing and cause I used a N/10 mm crochet hook I whipped it up on no time! I think I made it in an hour or two and I made it with the cable stitch that gave the cowl an interesting texture.

So if you have a brother/dad/husband or a male friend this is a great idea for a Christmas gift that you can make fast and that they (hopefully) will love. But of course, this cowl can be made for women too, I just thought it would be fun to focus on making something for him this time.


Crochet mens cowl

My brother loved this cowl and he wore it when we where going sightseeing and it kept his neck warm all the time. Don’t you love it too, when your crocheted gifts are getting appreciated?

Crochet mens cowl

And I also thought it was fun to make something different for a change. I made so many baby stuff lately, which is also fun to make, but it is fun with some changes every now and then.

Crochet mens cowl

I used a yarn that I’ve found at the local yarn store and I chose a yarn with wool and acrylic to make sure that it was super soft. It is important to pick a yarn that does not itch when you’re making a cowl or something that is going to be close to the skin. Many people are sensitive (me included) and it’s sad if you’re spending time making something that doesn’t get worn.

Since I’ve found the yarn at a local German store I could not track it down on Amazon, but I will leave you this link and you can see if you find something similar.

If you do decide to make this cowl, would be so happy if you show me a picture on Facebook or tag me on Instagram! It is always nice to see your versions! Also if be sure to follow me on Facebook so you don’t miss any of my FREE patterns! I am also active on Instagram where you can see what’s going on behind the scenes!

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Crochet mens cowl


Abbreviations used:

  • ch – chain
  • yo – yarn over
  • st – stitch
  • sl st – slip stitch
  • sc – single crochet
  • inc – Increase ( single crochet increase, two single crochet in one stitch)
  • dec – Decrease ( to single crochet together)
  • rnd – round
  • dc  – double crochet


Yarn Super Big Color, color number 010


Length: 10 cm= 3 cable groups, total of 12 dc.

Height: 10 cm = 3 rows

If you want to make the cowl smaller or bigger you can adjust the size, just use a multiple of 4.


Rnd 1) Chain 60 join to form a loop, join with a slip stitch in the first chain. Chain 1. Scroll for video on how to start your foundation chain without a twist!

Rnd 2) Do 1 sc in each stitch in the first sc. Join with a sl st in the first sc. (60 sc)

Rnd 3) Chain 3, skip first sc,  1 dc in each of the next 3  sc, 1 cable stitch in the skipped stitch. (Cable stitch: Yarn over and do a dc in the 4th stitch to the right and in the sc that you’ve just skipped)

* skip the next sc, 1 dc in the next 3 dc, 1 cable st in the skipped stitch.* Sl st on the top of chain 3 (60 dc)

Rnd 4) Ch 1, do a sc the same stitch as the chain 1 and in each stitch for the entire round. (60 sc)


Repeat round 3 and 4 until you reached your desired height. End with round 4. When you’re finished just sl st in the first stitch, cut the yarn and weave in all loose ends.




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