The Hedgehog Bolla

The Hedgehog Bolla

Are you looking for a quick and fun project where you can use up some of your yarn stash? I might have just the thing for you! I am happy to introduce the Hedgehog that I named Bolla Pinnsvin! (known Norwegian children song about a Hedgehog from Alf Prøysen) The face is made with cotton yarn and his spikes are made with wool. I just used some leftovers that I could find in my stash and so his face is white and the body is grey. The head is made with single crochet and the body of loop stitches.

Making this blog is such a fun challenge, I find! I am learning something new everyday and I am having a great time. It’s been a little busy because the kindergarten that my son is visiting is closed for the summer. Therefore I am making patterns that dosen’t take such long time to create and that are fast make too. I hope you’ll enjoy this one! If you decide to make one, I would be thrilled if you could show a picture in the comments below! If you have problems regarding something in the pattern, please ask, and I will try my very best to help you.


Skill level intimidate, takes about 15 minutes to finish.


Any kind of yarn and the hook to match.

I used Drops Paris cotton for the head and Drops Big Merino for the body

You`ll need about 15 g for the head and 25 g for the body

Color white and grey

Crochet hook 4,5 mm

Safety eyes (6 mm for the eyes and 8 mm for the nose)

Poly fill


Tapestry needle

The pattern is written in US therms

Stitches used:

Single crochet – sc

Chain – ch

Slip stitch – sl st

Stitch – st

Loop Stitch –  lp st

Loop Stitch Increase – lp st inc

Loop Stitch Decrease – lp st dec

Round  – Rnd

Repeat from beginning to the end of row/round *-*

Notes: The pattern is worked in continuous rounds. I advise you to place a stitch marker to keep track of where you are. Place a stitch marker in the first single crochet and move it up as you finish the rounds. Do not join until instructed. Start with white.

Rnd 1) 3 sc in a magic ring.(3 sc)

Rnd 2) 1 sc, 2 in next, 1 sc. (4 sc)

Rnd 3) 1 sc, 2 sc in next 2 sc, 1 sc. (6 sc)

Rnd 4 ) 1 sc in each stitch around. (6 sc)

Rnd 5) 1 sc in next 2 sc, 2 sc in next 2 sc. 1 sc in next 2 sc (8 sc)

Rnd 6) 1 sc in next 3 sc, 2 sc in next 2 sc, 1 sc in next 3 sc. (10 sc)

Rnd 7) 1 sc in next 4 sc, 2 sc in next 2 sc, 1 sc in next 4 sc. (12 sc)

Rnd 8) 1 sc in each stitch around. (12 sc)

Rnd 9) 1 sc in next 5 sc, 2 sc in next 2 sc, 1 sc in next 5 sc. (14 sc)

Rnd 10)1 sc in next 6 sc, 2 sc in next 2 sc, 1 sc in next 6 sc. (16 sc)

Rnd 11) 1 sc in next 7 sc, 2 sc in next 2 sc, 1 sc in next 7 sc. (18 sc)

Sl st in the first stitch of the last round. Cut the yarn and weave in ends. Fasten safety eyes and nose.

Rnd 12) Attach the yarn that you want for the body. I used grey wool. Flip the work (so that the loop appears on the right side) slipstitch in the any single crochet (dosen`t matter where), and make a loop sticht in each stitch around. Check out my tutorial on how to make the loop stitches in the round. 


Rnd 13- 21) 1 lp st in each stitch around for 8 rounds. (18 lp st)

Start to stuff your hedgehog here.

Rnd 22) *1 lp st, lp dec in next*(12 lp st) I recommend to crochet the decreases firmly to avoid gaps.

Rnd 23) 1 lp dec in each stitch around. ( 6 lp st)

Cut the yarn, sl st in the first stitch of the last stitch. Leave a strand of yarn and sew the bottom closed.

Now you can choose to cut the loop stitches to give your hedgehog a different look if you want to.





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    Cute blog! Very user friendly!

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