The Bobble Stitch/ The Puff Stitch

The Bobble Stitch/ The Puff Stitch

Today I want to show you one of my favourite stitches, the “bobble stitch”, or it also goes by the name “puff stitch”. Now, I have to warn you, this stitch requires a LOT of yarn, but the texture is so fabulous that you will hardly regret it! Follow this tutorial to get a step – by – step  introductions with photos on how to turn your yarn into puffs! With this stitch you can make so many extravagant projects. You can for example make a lovely baby blanket, as I am sure most babies will love the texture. It can also be turned into solid dish – and washcloths. Have you seen my sweet bobble stitch lamb? I used the bobble stitches to create a unique texture for the ragdoll.

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Now lets stitch up some bobbles!

This stitch requires a odd number plus a turning chain. You can make this as long or as short as you want just keep that in mind. You can also play with colours and change it every second row or so. Also note that when we are working on the bobbles, we are working on the back side of the project.

Abbreviations used:

Sc – single crochet

Bo – bobble stitch

Ch – chain

Yo – yarn over

1 ) Make a foundation chain (16 ch) and do 1 sc in the second stitch and in every chain until the end. (15 sc)


2) Chain 3 turn and work around, insert your hook in the same stitch, pull up a loop and pull through 2 loops,


now you have 2 loops on the hook.

Yo, insert the hook in the same stitch and pull up a and pull through 2 loops, repeat this until you have five loops on your hook.


Yo and pull trough all five loops.


Now you made your first bobble!

3) Make 1 sc in the next stitch


4) Make a bobble in next, but this time, pull up 1 extra loop, so that you have 6 loops on the hook. From now on you are going to pull up 6 loops, we will be only working with five in the first bobble stitch in the beginning of each row (the rows that starts with a bobble). The chain three at the beginning counts as 1 double crochet. You are basically putting five double crochet in each stitch.



5) Make 1 single crochet, 1 bobble until the end of the row. The row ends with a bobble stitch.

6) Turn work, chain 1 and make 1 single crochet in every stitch ( 15 sc)

Be aware, the bobble stitches are relatively long, so make sure you just put in one single crochet in there. It helps to count the stitches.

Now if you want the stitches to be on top of each other, chain 3 after step 4 and start with a bobble in the first stitch and a single crochet in next.

7) Otherwise * 1 sc, 1 bo*

8) Chain 1, turn work and sc in all stitches.

9) Chain 3,*bo in first, sc in next*

10) Repeat step 7, 8 and 9 until desired length.

Continue making the bobble stitches down the length. Every now and then turn the work over to check if they are sitting nicely in between the puffs from the previous row.


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