Loop Stitch in the Round

Loop Stitch in the Round

Hello fellow crocheters!
Here is a tutorial on how to do a single crochet loop stich in the rounds. I am also going to show you how to do the decreases and increases. When you have mastered this cool stitch, you are all set to make this free the loop stitch sheep pattern! Remember the loop stitch appears on the wrong side, so keep that in mind when you are designing or working on a project.

Let`s do less writing and more showing=)

Here I`m making loop stitches in continuous rounds. I advise you to place a stitch marker at the beginning of each round and move the marker up as each round is completed to keep track of where you are.

Step 1) Make a magic ring with 6 single crochet inside. Hold up your index finger like shown in the picture.


Step 2) With your index finger held high, insert the hook in the first single crochet that you made.


Step 3) Now place the hook behind the two strands of yarn that you are holding up with the index finger


Step 4) Grab the strand furthest from the hook and pull through.


Step 5) Now there is three loops on the hook.


In this step you can make the loop bigger by pulling the index finger with the loop on away from you.Or you can make it smaller by pulling the yarn like I do in the picture.


When your happy with the size of the loop just grab the yarn and pull through.


Step 6) To do a increase just put to loop stitches in the same stitch. This is how a loop stitch increase looks like when you flip the work.


Loop stitch decrease.

Just follow the first steps until you get to step 5, where you have 3 loops on the hook. Let go of the loop

Don`t finish like normal. But let go of the loop that you have on the index finger and insert the hook in the next stitch.

(like you would to with a normal single crochet decrease)

Grab the yarn furthest away from the hook and pull though all five loops!

Like this!

The decreases look a little thicker than the normal loop stitches, so they are easy to tell apart.


There you go. When you are following a normal pattern, you can just do loop stitches instead of single crochet and you`ll get a totally new look.

I hope that you like this tutorial and that I explained it good enough so you are able to follow the steps. If something is unclear or you have a question, please make a comment and I will help you.

Hand vector created by Freepik